Whilst studying as a psychotherapist my research project was Our Birth Story and How it May Effect Our Later Life. This has led to a key passion of mine: to reengaging with and understand our birth story and recognise its impact on the person we are today and how we live our lives. It is my belief, a belief supported by research, that our birth and our welcome into the world has a significant impact in shaping how we are in later life, our expectations, fears, belief systems and the possibilities we allow for ourselves. Understanding this can offer exciting possibilities for healing our past and shaping our future.

It is this interest that prompted my offering the Birth Story Workshops to both individuals and to professionals working with children and young people and counsellors and therapists working with their own client base.

I offer 2 day therapeutic workshops to explore these issues focusing on your own Birth Story and the learning and healing that may be required. Professionals can also explore how they might use this material with clients.

I also offer a briefer exploration in the form of a 1 day workshop for professional working with others at vulnerable and formative times of their lives (including: midwives; teachers; social workers; counsellors; psychotherapists) to explore this topic and the relevance to their clients.



I offer 1 and 2 day workshops on stress awareness and promoting health and wellbeing. This is especially helpful for individuals and teams looking to protect their own health and well being as well as those responsible for others such as teachers and team leaders in various settings.


(for Counsellors, Therapists and Professionals supporting others)

Those of us practicing as counsellors and therapists or in professions where we care for others are well aware of the power and potential healing that is possible as a direct result of a quality relationship with our clients or patients. We are also aware of how draining it can be when giving so much to others and the impact it can have on our own health and wellbeing. We need to be vigilant to the signs of imbalance and give priority to our own health and wellbeing.

We wouldn’t dream of driving a car indefinitely without having it serviced, checking tyre pressures and water levels and cleaning the windscreen to ensure we can see our way forward clearly. We simply would not undertake a journey without knowing we have sufficient fuel or means to get it when needed. Failing to take time to check these vital signs can have annoying and potentially damaging consequences for ourselves and others.  Why then do we sometimes run-on empty personally and professionally? How can we challenge clients on their wellbeing and coping strategies when sometimes we know we need to step back and review our own?

This workshop is an opportunity to do just that: to step back and review our own health and wellbeing; to look at our ‘vital signs’ and see what adjustments and resources are needed to ensure we are in good shape and well supported. We will utilise a range of creative tools to enable us to take a good look at how things are for us and to then identify the best way to maximise our health and wellbeing.


From time to time I design and deliver various workshops of interest. Do ask for an details if you would like to know more.



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