Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are both means of working with you to support you to understand and heal crises or painful times and in identifying the way forward.

Counselling is usually a shorter term intervention and often focuses on current difficulties which may or may not be similar to past patterns in your life.

Psychotherapy is usually a longer term intervention and offers the opportunity to look back at past experiences and patterns and gain greater understanding for yourself, offer the opportunity to heal some past pain and to identify and work towards the changes you wish to make. The responsibility for change rests with you at all times. The choices you make are entirely yours.

I work mainly with adults but have experience of working with children and young people and with those from different social and ethnic backgrounds. I call on all aspects of my training including my Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling, Transactional Analysis training, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and coaching depending on the needs of the individual and the situation. The Transpersonal training included aspects of Jungian theory, Gestalt, Object Relations Theory, Existential, Humanistic and Spiritual approaches. The relevance and skills to work creatively with sand tray, creative arts, visualisations, meditations, understanding of chakras and the importance of body awareness to our healing process are part of the Transpersonal approach also.

You will come for an initial session to explore the issues you are seeking to address and to agree the contract for our work together. This will enable us to decide the best way forward for you. During each session I will listen to you carefully, clarifying where necessary and offer reflections and feedback to you to enable the process of understanding to unfold. We will no doubt identify patterns and challenges you experience and in raising awareness you are likely to identify the next steps for yourself as we explore the options together.


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