Coaching, Leadership and Team Development

LeadershipCentral to our leading a successful and fulfilled life is the quality of our leadership – our self-leadership and our leadership of others. Self-leadership – the way in which we understand ourselves, the choices we make, the beliefs we hold and the decisions and actions we take — is of central importance to our health and wellbeing. As we are mindful of this for ourselves it enables us to be on a firmer platform upon which to lead others effectively and consciously, whether this is raising children, creating healthy relationships or leading individuals and teams in business. It also helps if our working life is in alignment with our values and beliefs.

I worked at a senior level in a large organisation for a number of years followed by developing my own business consultancy practice supporting others with: visioning; team work; conflict resolution, and in meeting training needs.

It is my belief that the traditional, predominant style of management and leadership in business can from time to time become unbalanced and unhealthy. It can create and intensify stress and distress, causing fractures in relationships between individuals and between teams and within the individual (e.g. physical, mental or emotional ill health). I offer the opportunity to review your management and leadership style, to identify ways in which you can manage and lead more consciously and effectively.

Image Credit: aokettun