How I Work

How I work with you

I am holistic in my approach. I incorporate traditional therapeutic theory with a more spiritual and soul centred exploration. We are more than our intellect, our mind and body but also spiritual beings existing in an ever changing world. My role is to slow you down, to encourage a safe space for exploration and to hold the boundaries and focus for you so you can figure out your own answers. You are always in the driving seat.

I will work with you to support you to be clear about the challenges you face and to find the best way forward. I do this in several ways:

  • On-going, in depth psychotherapy for those exploring past experiences or trauma still encroaching on their lives today.
  • Counselling to explore current challenges with a view to finding your way forward.
  • Coaching to explore visioning, clarity of purpose, what works at the moment and to explore options for change.
  • Workshops targeting specific areas of interest to you.
  • I am also able to work with people in business on a one-to-one basis or in teams to help to identify and create the quality of relationship that is needed to support shared vision and goals.
  • I offer supervision, both managerial supervision and clinical supervision to counsellors, psychotherapists and those in training.

What Benefits might you gain?

Each person is unique and will, therefore, have a unique experience. However, current and previous clients have identified a range of benefits and outcomes of our work together. They have noticed: Increased self-awareness; clarity about what matters to them and what they want in their life; improved relationships; increased confidence and self-belief; more effective skills when working with others; the courage to take decisions they had been avoiding or unclear about; and increased calmness and clearer thinking.

The work I do with individuals is very important to me.  As we hit stumbling blocks on our life path it is important to find healthy ways to heal and expand our options and make choices that support us on our journey. I feel honoured to do the work I do and to be part of the journey of discovery for others – part of bringing them back to centre, back to the essence of themselves.



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