Every one of us at times face crises, challenges and dilemmas – milestones in our lives and transition points that can leave us stunned, confused or emotionally charged. Maybe you have lost someone close to you through bereavement or relationship breakdown. Maybe work pressures are so immense that you feel a rising panic and need to ask what next?’ Or maybe aspects of your life are changing, such as your health or your children leaving home, and you feel a need to reassess and refocus. Maybe you feel you have lost yourself whilst focussing on others and on life’s pressures – putting your own needs on the back burner yet again! Is now the time to say ‘enough is enough’ or is it time to stop squashing who you are to fit in with others around you?

Sometimes we know we are doing pretty well and consider ourselves highly successful yet still it feels like something is missing – something still nags and is just not quite right. We need to refocus and set ourselves new and exciting challenges and goals.

Imagine what it would be like if you were able to bring yourself back to you, to reconnect with what is right for you and to focus on shaping the future you choose for yourself.

This is where I can support you. I am a psychotherapist, counsellor and group facilitator with many years experience both helping others and in understanding the challenges and dilemmas of working in organisations.

I have travelled my own journey of discovery for approximately 20 years and understand some of the struggles you may be facing. My journey has led me to undertake training to support others as they discover a greater understanding of themselves and explore their past, present and future.

I don’t claim to be an expert on you nor will I put you in a box assuming ‘one size fits all’ but I will seek to understand the essence of who you are and what it is you need at this point.

I call on a wide base of traditional therapeutic and holistic training and experience to find the best way of working with you as a unique individual.


“I contacted Carol after reaching a turning point in my life that I felt completely out of control and wanted to run away. I had suffered 3 miscarriages and a few other family upsets. My relationship with my husband and my mum were both extremely strained. 

Carol taught me theories that I was able to easily adapt into my day to day life, she listened to everything I had to say without being judgemental, she truly allowed me to open up, explore my past and present in what felt like my safe space. 

I can honestly say my therapy truly turned my life around, now my relationship with my husband is the best it’s ever been, my mum and I are best friends again and I’m expecting a baby, passing all milestones of previous miscarriages! My only regret is I wish I’d met her sooner and got to this happier place a long time ago.

M. Chatham”

You can find out more about me and my approach here. Or contact me to arrange an initial consultation.


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